Digital Home Safes/Electronic Safes

Now more and more houses need safes to keep valuables, not only money, but also important doc. such as property ownership certificate, identity card, passport, memory photos, and other certificates. Also many people put watches, ipad, laptop, camera, and jewelry into the safes.
We provide safes with mounting bolts, although the safes can be carried, because some basic safes are not heavy, the safes can be fixed to the wall or floor with mounting bolts. So that the safes can not be taken away. Many family hide the safes into the wardrobe.
The safes have been a useful member in a family, guard the house and keep security for home.
Besides, Fingerprint Safe is more and more popular.
Fingerprint Sensor Type Used In Safes optical fingerprint head semiconductor fingerprint head.

Advantages of optical fingerprint head:
1. The optical fingerprint recognition module has strong environmental adaptability.
2. The optical fingerprint recognition module has good stability.
3. The cost of the optical fingerprint identification module is low.

Disadvantages of optical fingerprint heads:
The recognition rate of fingerprint images with coverings on dirty and dry fingers is very low;
Poor adaptability to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
There are often traces left on the surface of the acquisition window.

Advantages of semiconductor fingerprint head:
1. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module only recognizes living fingerprints, with high security.
2. The semiconductor fingerprint identification module has very high sensitivity and identification accuracy.
3. The recognition rate of semiconductor fingerprint recognition module is high. The optical fingerprint head will be affected by the dryness and wetness and depth of the fingerprint during normal use.

Disadvantages of semiconductor fingerprint heads:
The cost and cost of the semiconductor fingerprint identification module are relatively high.
The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module is not easy to maintain, and the wear resistance is not enough. thereby affecting its lifespan.

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Post time: Sep-05-2022