Small Steel Mechanical Security Safes with Key Lock

Mechanical Safes with double-bit keys

This small steel security safe has three bolts, can easily open and close the door with keys.

  • Item No. 17SKA
  • Size H170xW230xD170mm
  • Material Solid Steel
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    Product Detail

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    • Solid Steel Construction.
    • Three locking bolts to prevent the tampering.
    • Fine powder coating.
    • 2 holes pre-drilled on the back and bottom of the safe.

    Product Specifications

    * Item No.: 17SKA
    * External dimension(H*W*D): 170*230*170 mm
    * Internal dimension(H*W*D): 168*228*120mm
    * Packing dimension(H*W*D): 190*250*190mm
    * Material: Solid steel
    * Door thickness: 3MM
    * Body thickness: 1MM
    * Capacity: 4.6L
    * Color: Black
    * Lock: Key and electronic digital keypad
    * Loading qty.: 3000pcs/20"FCL
    Small Steel Mechanical Security Safes with Key Lock2
    Small Steel Mechanical Security Safes with Key Lock1
    * 2 x mounting screws
    * 1x floor carpet
    * 1x silica gel bag
    * 2x double-bit keys

    Produce Process

    Small Steel Mechanical Security Safes with Key Lock1


    Shipping doc.

    Usually shipping docments include CI(Commercial Invoice), PL(Packing List), B/L(Bill of Lading).
    Some customers will need other doc. such as CO, according to discharge port's customs needs.

    What spefication do a safe have?

    -Thickness: door thickness and body thickness
    -Size: depends on the space where to put the safes
    -Fireproof or not
    -Security Grade

    What kind safes do you have?

    -According to use, we have safes for home use, office use, hotel use, apartment use, hunting use, deposit use, financial use.
    -According to features, we have digital safes, mechanical safes, fireproof safes, gun safes, and some functional boxes.

    Do you accept customized orders?

    Yes, we accept customized orders, we both do OEM and ODM.

    Maintenance of the safe

    After safe surface has besmirch, cannot be swabbed with chemical solvent, usable clean dishcloth touches a few cleaner to swabbed.The outstretched bolt and the roller of the drawer can be lubricated with a little lubricating oil. A little pencil powder can be injected into the key lock core, which can make the key plug and unplug and rotate more easily.


    This mechanical safes line provides safety and security for people who don’t want to remember codes, and always forget the codes. This safe is easy to operate, just use keys to open and close the keys. So the key is very important to keep. Pls put the keys in the place that you always remember.