Steel Safes Box Electronic Home Small Safe Box Safety Locker 17SEI

Electronic safe box and digital safes

This safe box is ideal for home use, to keep valuables,such money, jewelry, passport,etc, which can be fixed on the wall/floor, or inside the wardrobe.The safe could be colorful to ladies and children.

a balck scratch resistant powder coat finish and pre drilled mounting holes with all hardware and instructions included;

Solid steel cabinet and door design;

Programmable digital Lock;

2 Solid steel live lock bolts;

Emergency override key access (2 keys included);

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Product Detail

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Solid Steel Construction.

Two sets of codes of 3 to 8 digits: user code&master code

Reset button inside the safe, back of the door.

When battery is used up or forget the codes, can use emergency keys.

2 locking bolts to prevent the tampering.

Beeping warning if wrong code input.

Low battery power warning.

Fine powder coating.

2 holes pre-drilled on the back and bottom of the safe.

Product Specifications

* Item No.: 17SEI
* External dimension(H*W*D): 170*230*170 mm
* Internal dimension(H*W*D): 168*228*120mm
* Packing dimension(H*W*D): 200*245*195mm
* Material: Solid steel
* Door thickness: 3MM
* Body thickness: 1MM
* Capacity: 4.6L
* Color: Black
* Lock: Key and electronic digital keypad
* Loading qty.: 3000pcs/20"FCL
Mingyou 17SEI Steel Electronic Modern Safes Mini Home Digital Safe Box Price Small Caja Fuerte (4)
* 2 x mounting screws
* 4x AA" batteries
* 1x EN manual
* 2x override emergency keys
* 1x floor carpet
* 1x silica gel bag

Produce Process

Best Selling Digital Steel Safes Cabinet And Safe Locker For Personal Use-LCD Keypad (5)


1.How to open the safe?

-Method1: Use emergency key to open the safe

-Method2: Can use digital code to open the safe if the batteries are on.

2.HS Code of Safes


3.Loading Port

-Our loading port is Ningbo, China.

Our factory is close to loading port, which have great advantage in on-time delivery and delivery cost

4.Do you accept customized orders?

-Yes, we accept customized orders, we both do OEM and ODM.

5.Maintenance of the safe

After safe surface has besmirch, cannot be swabbed with chemical solvent, usable clean dishcloth touches a few cleaner to swabbed.The outstretched bolt and the roller of the drawer can be lubricated with a little lubricating oil. A little pencil powder can be injected into the key lock core, which can make the key plug and unplug and rotate more easily

Digital Home Safes/Electronic Safes

Now more and more houses need safes to keep valuables, not only money, but also important doc. such as property ownership certificate, identity card, passport, memory photos, and other certificates. Also many people put watches, ipad, laptop, camera, and jewelry into the safes.

We provide safes with mounting bolts, although the safes can be carried, because some basic safes are not heavy, the safes can be fixed to the wall or floor with mounting bolts. So that the safes can not be taken away. Many family hide the safes into the wardrobe.

The safes have been a useful member in a family, guard the house and keep security for home.