Steel Security Biometric Safe with Programmable Biometric Fingerprint Lock FPB series

Quick Access Electronic fingerprint safes
This safe with fingerprint-touch technology for quick access,and is ideal for keeping important documents, cash, and other valuables. achieve greater security compared to a keypad
Comparing to a keypad, this metal panel with biometric fingerprint sensor feels great security.
With back-up key for emergency use.

  • Item No. 25SBB
  • Size H250xW350xD250mm
  • Material Solid steel
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    • sns02
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    • sns05

    Product Detail

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    • Use either fingerprint or 4-8 digit code to open
    • High quality metal panel
    • Maximum 32 fingerprints can be registered
    • Hidden emergency key hole

    • Protective floor mat is included.
    • 1pc removable shelf is included.
    • Material: Steel.
    • Includes: 4AA Batteries, 2 Spare Keys and 4 Wall and Floor Mount bolts.

    Product Specifications

    * Item No.: 25SBB
    * External dimension(H*W*D): 250*350*250mm
    * Internal dimension(H*W*D): 247*347*190mm
    * Packing dimension(H*W*D): 270*370*290mm
    * Material: Solid steel
    * Door thickness: 4MM
    * Body thickness: 1.5MM
    * Capacity: 16.4L
    * Weight: 8.5kg
    * Lock: Key and electronic fingerprint keypad
    * Loading qty.: 1000pcs/20"FCL
    Steel Security Biometric Safe with Programmable Biometric Fingerprint Lock
    * 4 x mounting bolts
    * 4x AA" batteries
    * 1x EN manual
    * 2x override emergency keys
    * 1x floor carpet
    * 1x silica gel bag

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    We know very well that quality is the life of the company, and we always make “Quality Awareness”in mind. It is our principle to solve any quality issue before shipment.

    With 4 times inspection during production, and additional 100% inspection when assembling, we have good quality guarantee.


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    Bettersafe is a professional safes manufacturer in China, specializing in different kinds of safe box for over 25 years.

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    How to open this fingerprint safe?

    -Method1: Use emergency key to open the safe
    -Method2: Can use digital code to open the safe if the batteries are on.
    -Method2: Can use fingerprint to open the safe if the batteries are on.

    HS Code of Safes


    Loading Port

    Our loading port is Ningbo, China.
    Our factory is close to loading port, which have great advantage in on-time delivery and delivery cost.

    Do you accept customized orders?

    Yes, we accept customized orders, we both do OEM and ODM.

    What is warranty for safes?

    It depends, usually we have one-year warranty for digital parts.


    Fingerprint Sensor Type Used In Safes
    • optical fingerprint head
    • semiconductor fingerprint head

    Advantages of optical fingerprint head:
    1. The optical fingerprint recognition module has strong environmental adaptability.
    2. The optical fingerprint recognition module has good stability.
    3. The cost of the optical fingerprint identification module is low.

    Disadvantages of optical fingerprint heads:
    The recognition rate of fingerprint images with coverings on dirty and dry fingers is very low;
    Poor adaptability to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
    There are often traces left on the surface of the acquisition window.

    Steel Safes Box Electronic Home Small Safe Box Safety Locker (1)

    Advantages of semiconductor fingerprint head:

    1. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module only recognizes living fingerprints, with high security.
    2. The semiconductor fingerprint identification module has very high sensitivity and identification accuracy.
    3. The recognition rate of semiconductor fingerprint recognition module is high. The optical fingerprint head will be affected by the dryness and wetness and depth of the fingerprint during normal use.

    Disadvantages of semiconductor fingerprint heads:
    The cost and cost of the semiconductor fingerprint identification module are relatively high.
    The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module is not easy to maintain, and the wear resistance is not enough. thereby affecting its lifespan.